Thursday, February 26, 2009


I consider myself a good neighbor. If I have it, I loan it. If I can help, I do. I live in a downtown area above a cute little store, so I don't really have alot of neighbors. The one I did, I tried very hard to like.

Single mom, just out of jail after making several major blunders...5 involving drinking and driving. I'm no one to pass judgement so naturally I am friendly and cordial because she's just younger than me and really seemed to be trying hard.

When my father would come up for a visit and bring me lots of goodies, he would bring her some too. I would lend her Cd's, DVDs, tools, spices etc. I would give her rides places since she obviously couldn't drive. Eventually, I stopped because it was apparent that it was a friendship based on convenience (not to mention I didn't get half of my stuff back) and she was maybe suffering with some entitlement issues...the whole world owes me so why not start with you type of gal...but I'm not judging, just not my type of friend.

Today I find out she is in jail for prostitution. She was letting men into her place via the roof, past my daughters bedroom (outside roof) into her bedroom. Apparently intelligence isn't a job requirement...multiple strange men crossing a roof does not seem like an attention grabber at all...IDIOTS.

I'm appalled.

No matter where I am in my life, people always bring me up short and amaze smokers, yes I know its addictive, but who hasn't heard about smoking yet?

Prostitution? Seriously!!!

BTW: I am in no way comparing hookers to smokers...I'm just saying.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I thought all hookers smoked. Or is it all smokers hooked? ;0
Kidding. That is just amazing. Good thing is it did not take you too long to figure out her M.O. Wow, she had so many chances and fell flat on her face....amazing. Some people just can't be helped I suppose.

karengberger said...

That is a sad story. And the ICK factor, for "the oldest profession," as they call it. Poor, lost girl; at least she had you as a good, kind neighbor to her. Maybe she will remember your kindness and it will eventually help her to be kind to herself...I hope so.

Smileygirl said...

Wow that is crazy. I guess you never really know what goes on behind closed doors. I hope someone a bit more professional (in a good way) moves in.