Sunday, April 5, 2009

Book club, fighting and skipping meals

I started a book club with a mom from Maddie's class. I have read, so far, a lot of really great books and had wonderful fellowship with someone who understands my frustration with the school etc. We used to meet in a cute little coffee shop and discuss our books, we have slowly migrated to the bar and now discuss over bloody mary's.

Her husband works late on Wednesday night, so our kids have had a standing play date every Wednesday for the past two months...this Wednesday is rollerskating; wish me luck that I don't break anything as it has been YEARS since I've been on skates. Although, with the right music, I'm quite certain I can remember the carefully prepared skating routines of my youth!

Update: Maddie is still going to talk with someone about once a month. So far, the therapist says shes: engaging, delightful, looks you in the eye when talking, plays other words a happy, normal child. She senses some anxiety about school and is starting to question what is going on there.

Hmmm interesting right? Let me give you a snapshot of her day, say Friday for example.

There is a little boy in her class who, sadly, really does have some anger issues. I have seen him in front of teachers and all the parents, kick and hit and push my book club mom's son. They constantly have to be separated! When this kid loses control its like he can't focus, nothing behind his eyes type of not focus, he really gets angry. Have any of you ever witnessed something like that? Not only is it scary, but its heartbreaking because he's only 5 for goodness sake. Book club son was not in school Friday so this kids new target was my Maddie...not the first time, he caused a ruckus in the lunch room last week because he was throwing her lunch box and hitting her.

Maddie was playing leapfrog and bumped into him and he started kicking her, when she fell, he kicked her in the stomach. Apparently, what happened next was described as "fists were flying" and Maddie had to be pulled off this kid 3 separate times. Maddie was sent to the directors office for fighting where she had to stand in the corner for a half an hour. Then these fools made them eat lunch alone together where they had to pull them apart again. Disappointed? Yes, very. Mad? Not at Maddie. I'm very surprised because I have never, ever heard of or witnessed her hitting ANYBODY! If the teachers refuse to do something to protect all the kids in the class then I'm glad she was able to defend herself, but holy crap, this is preschool people.

A few of the parents no longer want this child in class, he is disruptive and violent and I happen to agree. If this continues, since it is only preschool, I will pull her before the year is up. I will not have my adorable little girl brawling like a hoodlum.

Sadly, two of Fridays meals were missed because of this incident when my potty mouth got the best of me.


karengberger said...

Oh, Mags. This is scary, and it makes me angry. NO WAY should she be in any physical danger in school (okay, ever). Good girl for standing up for yourself, Maddie! You are so right to watch this situation. I'm glada that Maddie has a therapist, too. I wonder sometimes what is going on in this world...little boys erupting like that. Maybe he has some issues that really need professional help. I hope he gets that help. He's so young!
You are such a loving and supportive mom. I love the book-bloody mary club idea!
God bless you & Maddie.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Very interesting to hear what the counselor is saying....yes, it seems to be a problem at school. That is too bad. So sad that this little boy has so much this rate he is NOT going to be a productive adult.
Still missing meals? :) sorry. Lent is almost up....