Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm at the end of my rope...

The Doctor is calling back hopefully today with a recommendation for a counselor. I have been walking on eggshells with my daughter and I still have to deal with her telling me she hates me. I cant hug her, kiss her or tell her I love her. She has been throwing king size tantrums and actually got in my face today screaming at me...wow.


Persnickety Ticker said...

Oh Darlin'...my heart goes out to you. I hope you find a solution to what is going on with your little girl.

My 5 year old has thrown tantrums and told me she doesn't love me before. But I eventually get a snuggle and an I love you. And yesterday, for the first time ever, I got a kiss without asking for one in the first place. Melted my heart. This morning when I put her on the school bus? "Why are you doing this to me?" Which broke my heart.

I really hope things start looking up for you guys. If you ever need a shoulder, just let me know.

karengberger said...

Sending loving prayers for comfort, peace and help for both of you.
Do you have a crisis line in your town/county, in case you need to talk to someone? Or in your doctor's office, or church? You don't have to go through this alone. You are doing your best, as is Maddie...please don't give up hope.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yes, it is best to get some help and soon. I have no good advice except that. I hope she comes around. But something is not right....you know it.
Let us know.
Sending good thoughts and prayers to you both.

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Oh Mags, I'm so sorry to read about the tough times with Maddie. I don't have children, so please choose not to listen to any of what I write if you wish.

I don't know what could be going on with Maddie, but you're both in my prayers for peace and harmony, soon. All I can say is that you should keep doing what you've been doing with her...loving her unconditionally, trying to be ever patient, and letting her know of your support and affection over and over. You may think she is not hearing it, but it registers in the recesses of her mind and she'll remember how you were with her during her tough times for her whole life. Remember, she is the one experience changes, not you, so stay consistent until she comes around. And she will.

Love from all of us in San Diego.

The Engine of the Family said...

I hope the doctor has something helpful for you. Did something happen to Maddie that might be bothering her? It really sounds like something is bothering her. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys...just breathe!