Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Whats a hossiepop you ask? Beats me, but I have a thought. Maddie has been using this word lately, whether she made it up or picked it up somewhere I do not know.

When I asked her what a hossiepop is she replied, "its a lollipop" to which I said, "if its a lollipop, why don't you just say lollipop?". My child must think I'm a sucker (pun intended).

This is how she uses hossiepop in a sentence:

Maddie says "momma, can we go to the park today?" My response "no, we can't go today, its raining." Maddie's response "awwwww hossiepops!" or "oh hossiepops!".

Kiddie swear words? Roughly translated into adult language, it seems that hossiepops could mean sh*t, f*ck, or damn it. I need to nip this whole hossiepops thing in the bud.


suz said...

Cute. She has to have some sort of expression for anger & dissapointment. I think it is adorable...she coined her own silly phrase.

karengberger said...

She is adorable.
Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Smileygirl said...

I just had a visual of that sweet little face saying SH*T F*CK!!! Be thankful for Hoosiepops!! That's a GREAT word.