Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chocolate Fest

Every Memorial Day weekend the charming little town that I live in celebrates Chocolate Fest! There is a Nestle' factory in town so we have coined ourselves 'Chocolate City USA', and by we, I mean the powers that be in this town, because I'm quite sure I would have "coined" a different name...

This is the first year I'll actually be taking Maddie inside the fair grounds, in years past we've enjoyed some of the festivities but haven't actually gone inside because I wasn't going to drag a toddler around in the sweltering heat just to show off her tantrum skills to the public. This year, I think, my little thrill seeker is ready for some seemingly dangerous, poorly put-together carnival rides.

What I'm not looking forward to is my raging PMS. I can see the headlines now: Bloated lunatic tramples children in this years chocolate kiddie parade in an attempt to reach the 'chocolate indulgence wine and chocolate tasting booth' grabbing complimentary, fresh, warm Toll House Cookies along the way! ... Wish me luck!


Smileygirl said...
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Smileygirl said...

U and me both! It's been a hell cycle of PMS this month. Must be due to Global Warming or something because everyone I've talked to seems to be going through the same thing.

(had to delete the first post due to spelling errors, I chalk that up to PMS as well)

suz said...

awww looks like a fun time. Even if Mom tramples over people.