Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Totally Lame

Well, my personal laptop finally crapped out on me... I knew this was coming, but I hate being forced into buying something. For now, I'm using my work laptop which blows because I cant view such entertainment as "fainting goats" on youtube! Lame, lame lame! (tantrum)


Smileygirl said...

LOL!!! What are you going to do without video of the fainting goats!! Maybe you'll just have to go out and find some live ones in a pasture. Seriously they are going to be the next big thing sweeping the nation. I think I want to dress up as one for Halloween.

Hope you're up and running on a new lap top soon! (As I type this my lap top is burning a hole in my jeans. It is soooo hot. And if it goes kaput I only have myself to blame because I've seen this coming for months now. Guess I should back up some stuff.)

suz said...

You HAVE to see the fainting goats. They are so funny.
good luck w/ the pc situation.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Yes, you really HAVE to see the fainting goats.
However, if you catch re-runs of Mike Rowe's "Dirty Jobs", he does one episode that involves the fainting goats (and, as we all know, Mike Rowe is awfully cute and very funny.... so that's an added bonus). :-)

Maggie said...

My sister had goats actually, I never saw them faint, but I know they are surprisingly emotional. When Petrie died, sylvie whined in the pen for 3 days before dying herself. They had been together since birth and I think it was just too much to bear for her...sad.