Saturday, May 24, 2008


During one of our conversations when my mom was dying (jeez, thats hard to type) in November of 2006, she asked me to take her dog "Mini". I didnt even think twice, of course we would take Mini, I said yes without hesitation!

Mini is a Shih Tzu, which I pronounce "shit zoo"...which is appropriate since our house feels like a shittin zoo most of the time. Mini is a little dog and I must say, I'm partial to big dogs. My Brier was a Chesapeake and I always thought since having my daughter that it was only natural that my next dog would be a Golden, because of their reputation as loyal family dogs. I think only the good Lord knows what makes little dogs bark all the time, as I am unable to figure it out.

When Mini joined our house, Maddie was 3 and Brier was 12 and totally blind...a big adjustment for everybody. Brier wanted nothing to do with her and acted betrayed by me. Maddie didnt know when to leave the dog alone and was constantly getting nipped...never very hard, but I was desperate to make this work since I was emotionally attatched to the dog. In Mini's defense, it was a huge adjustment for her as well. A year and a half later, I think we finally understand each other. She is very needy, very loving and VERY quirky. She does not like her feet touched, so my favorite game to play with her, of course, involves touching her feet...its called "bear trap" and basically consists of me grabbing her feet when she walks by and not letting go.

This is what a shih tzu is supposed to look like:

This is what Mini looks like:

I keep her hair short because its cleaner and cooler. I keep it shaved in the winter and have a variety of outfits she can wear to keep warm which she doesnt seem to appreciate. You would think since I've taken away her natural ability to keep warm she would want to wear a lovely wool coat or perhaps a sparkely sweater...but of course you have to touch her feet to put these adorable outfits on so she's pretty surley when all is said and done...she's a perfect fit to our little family.


Smileygirl said...

OMGosh she's soooo cute! She looks like she'd have some serious attitude though. So funny about the feet touching. Don't you just love their quirks and individuality??? They are the best. I hope you get a Golden one day too!

Maggie said...

If it wasnt already obvious, Mini also hates getting her picture taken...she actually starts to shake and tries to hide...but we love our quirky Mini.

suz said...

awwww. She is a cute little nippy dog.
I am sure your Mom is happy you have her...

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

She is precious - and so what that she doesn't look like one of those dogs from the dog shows! I laughed out loud at the "shit zoo" reference.... very cute (unless you're the one cleaning it up, of course...)

Enjoy your blog, btw! :-)