Friday, May 30, 2008

Mini is at it again...

Mini has been barking her tiny head off all day...the great protector, who isn't much taller than a barbie doll. I work from home and spend most of my day on the phone. I actually had a customer ask me if it was "bring your dog to work day?". First of all, could you imagine the chaos that would ensue with bring your dog to work day? What about all the cat angry would they be?...not to mention the 1 in 1000 that owns a ferret. Awesome sounding on paper, but in reality, not a good idea. Even if such an event did exist, I highly doubt Mini would be invited back.

I told her " no, its beat your dog with a flip flop day"... I wouldn't of course, but she really needs to zip it.

1 comment:

suz said...

ohhh that baby just needs some meds maybe?
Just kidding. perhaps some cough syrup though?
I don't know what I would do with a yappy dog. My Cocoa (boxer) only barks when she is ready to BOX, which is about 4X a week.
I don't know if I have the patience for a barker....
what about bring your Daughter to work you just keep the cutie home? She is CUTE.