Thursday, May 29, 2008


Saturday night in an effort to prevent another scratch and ding to my car, I decided to park in front of my apartment and risk an over night parking ticket than park in the public lot...parking a huge downside to living here even though I adore my apartment.

About 1 am I decide to hit the hay...I'm laying in bed and I hear an AWFUL loud, crunching noise and I'm thinking "oh snap, someone just hit my car damn it"...I get up and go to the window and in the street below I see a man lying motionless. That horrible noise was not a car hitting a car, it was a car hitting a person. The street seemed to fill with people instantly, and I'm guessing the majority of them were not sober as yelling and fighting began, in an effort to keep people away from the body. I yelled out the window that I was calling 911. Mini was going berserk, and this man had yet to move. The police came, order was somewhat restored and they cleared the street of people. I then watched as they cut this mans clothes off and eventually loaded him in the ambulance. Then they measured the location and marked it with chalk...the marks remain today, although with tonight's pending storms I'm quite certain they'll be gone by morning.

Living here in Smalltown USA, I have been unable to locate any type of news regarding this accident via any media outlet...TV, newspaper, radio...nothing. I have been hearing that horrible sound in my dreams and I think it would go away if I just had some information on the condition of this man. I live right downtown above a store and because it happened so late, the store owners were unaware of the accident, so no one has any type of information regarding his condition except to say that he was taken flight for life to the hospital.

I cross that street everyday, walking the dog, taking Maddie to daycare and the park. There have been several times that people haven't looked before turning and almost hit us, so careless. Its amazing to be so careful, look both ways, hold hands etc...and someone not paying attention could change your world forever.


suz said...

oh my gosh. that is horrible.
I too would be worried. If you are unable to FIND any info on the man....try to visualize that he is ok. Because you can't do anything about it really. Perhaps you can trick your mind into putting him in a good place.
Sounds silly, but may work.

karengberger said...

How awful for him, and for you. Trauma memories are painful.
I agree with Suz; you can mentally wrap him in Love, and pray for his comfort and healing, if you want to. I pray for comfort for you AND for him...

Smileygirl said...

What a shock. Images like that may stay with you so probably a good idea to pray for his healing and recovery. And this post will definitely make at least one person look twice before crossing the street.